Welcome to your Joomla! demo site!

This website is provided as part of the Joomla! demo services. If you are the owner, you can start exploring immediately the magic of posting your own content with Joomla. Joomla is full of options and you can make a truly amazing website with it. To help you learn more how to build your first website using the great Joomla features, we have prepared a detailed video course.The three videos below will show you how to set up your own Joomla home page.

Have only few minutes?

Don't worry! Even if you do not have 15 minutes to watch the videos above, you can immediately publish your own content on this website. The easiest way is to simply replace what you are now seeing with your own text. Just go to your Joomla admin and edit the default published article following the steps below:

1. Click on the article title. You will find it on the home page of your demo Joomla admin, in the Recently Added Articles section.

2. Just use the editor to replace the default content with your own. Just save your changes and you will your own home page.